Consignors Information

Holstein Steer Special

As a service to the local dairy community, Wichita Livestock Sales offers a monthly Holstein Steer Special on the third Wednesday of each month. The holstein steers will sell along with the weekly sale, right after the cows and bulls. With larger lots of holstein steers, sellers are able to capture full market value for these calves.

For more information on the Holstein Steer Special, please call Billy at 940-541-2222.

Weaned Calf Sale

Beginning in April, Wichita Livestock Sales is offering a Weaned Calf Sale in conjunction with our regular sale on the first Wednesday of each month. These calves will sell right after the cows. Calves must be consigned by Tuesday so Billy Easter can contact prospective buyers for these calves.

Weaning calves and administering pre-weaning and post weaning vaccinations adds value to calves. Quality and uniformity are also big factors. Sometimes if a seller has only a few head of weaned calves, it is hard to get the extra dollars that these cattle deserve.

Weaned Calf Sale

By having the Weaned Calf Sale once a month, we hope to have enough cattle to insure a higher price for the weaned calves. Length of weaning and vaccination programs are up to the seller.

All cattle are held in pipe pens with feed and water. Many of the pens are covered, and a catwalk provides accessibility for buyers to preview the day's run of cattle.

A consignment sheet with information on weaning, vaccinations, wormer and other comments will be completed by the seller. This information will then be passed along to the buyers during the Weaned Calf Sale.

Download the Weaned Calf Consignment Sheet here. Forms will also be available at the sale barn when you deliver your cattle.

Consignor/Livestock Owner's Certificate & Information

As directed by the 2002 Farm Bill, mandatory country-of-origin labeling will be implemented on September 30, 2008. Download the All Natural Certificate here.

All livestock sold must be accompanied by an affidavit, stating the origin of the cattle. Only the individual with firsthand” knowledge of the origin of the livestock being transferred may sign a "Continuous Country of Origin Affidavit” or “Origin Declaration”. An affidavit signed by the owner/manager or other responsible person with firsthand knowledge can be delivered by a trucker or transporter but truckers and transporters cannot sign for the origin of livestock.

For more information, please call Billy at 940-541-2222.

Weaned Calf Sale

Commission Schedule

Yearlings and Calves$18.00 per head
Cows$18.00 per head
Bulls$26.00 per head
Cow/calf Pairs$28.00 per head
Cattle sold in lot loads
(25,000 lb minimum)
$12.00 per head
Baby calves$15.00 per head
Sheep and Goats$6.00 per head
Horses and Mules$30.00 per head
Bison$20.00 per head

Yardage, All Stock -- $2 per head

Resale and pass-out same as regular commission

Feed Cost -- $4.50/day for cows, pairs and bulls; $3.50/day for calves
Bulls Fertility test -- $45.00
Trich Test --$80.00
Dehorns --$20.00-$50.00
After sale pregs --$5.00
Healty Certificate --$25.00

Insurance -- Livestock consigned to the market will be covered by insurance in accordance with a policy on file at Wichita Livestock Sales Co, LLC.

Special Sales or Services -- Will be charged for under agreement between parties.

Veterinary Services -- The schedule of charges for all vet services performed by an accredited veterinarian will be posted and does not contain any charge to this market.

Title to all Livestock --
title to all livestock consigned for sale remains with the consignor until the time sold. Time of sale shall be at the time the highest bid is accepted, unless the sale is conditional or unless proff of title in consignor fails.
Buyer: Title shall pass to buyer when funds have cleared our bank.